Thursday, November 7, 2019

Things I shared on earlier November 7ths

I just saw a Star Wars fan ask if the bad reviews for Solo were from Russiabots. She added, as though this were a known fact, that bad reviews for The Last Jedi were from Russiabots.

I haven't seen Solo, but if she's right about Last Jedi, I have to tell Emma I'm a Russiabot.


I may start speaking of Marie Antoinette feminists instead of identitarian feminists. They're people who are upset by unfairness but don't understand why someone would want Sanders' goals ($15 min. wage, UHC, free higher education) when they could have a female Prez instead.


"The Charter of the Forest was sealed 800 years ago today. Its defence of the property-less and of ‘the commons’, means the Right would prefer to ignore it – and progressives need to celebrate and renew it."

Why You've Never Heard of a Charter as Important as the Magna Carta | naked capitalism


What I want done after I'm dead?

I don't care. I'll be dead.

I have a notion that pet lovers should be allowed to become food for their favorite animals, but I'm not going to try to start Soylent Green Chow.


"Those who are unwilling to share should understand...God is commanding them not to give away their own property, but His." —St. Augustine

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