Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Things shared on Nov. 19ths

“Nice” is meaningless—many of the worst people treat friends and acquaintances well. Character is revealed by how you treat your opponents.


Has anyone ever been insulted into changing their mind?


People who insist two things are "apples and oranges" are often unable to see that they're fruit.

And some people who insist two things are "apples and oranges" can't tell the difference between a Haralson and a Red Delicious.

When people say something is "apples and oranges", you are usually leaving the realm of logic and entering the realm of faith.


“People are too eager to say ‘This legendary person had flaws!’ instead of, ‘Wow, this flawed human being managed to do something legendary.’” — Mishell Baker


The basic difference between socialists and left identitarians: The racial proportions of US poverty have not changed since King's day. Identitarians conclude the problem is the persistence of racism. Socialists conclude the problem is the persistence of poverty.

Identitarians do not have a solution for racism, but socialists do have a solution for poverty, a solution that King advocated: share the wealth.

Identitarians often say, "Sharing the wealth won't end racism!" That's like saying taking the train won't grow potatoes.


Hamilton is the show of the left bourgeoisie. Does the right bourgeoisie have a show too, or do they just get expensive sports tickets?


A romantic version of a job that was done by poor people of all races.

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