Friday, November 22, 2019

Things shared on Nov. 22nds

Dear conservatives,

When most socialists share images associated with China or the USSR, it’s like when you share images associated with 1776: we don’t want authoritarian communism any more than you want slavery.

You don’t want slavery, do you?


Expensive cities and cities with reputations for craziness overlap for a reason: to live in them, you either have to be crazy enough to keep paying the cost or so rich that you rarely interact with normal people.


The internet used to be a party where people assumed everyone meant well. Now it’s a public square filled with spies.


Block lists are for people who are afraid their minds are not completely closed.


Dear young people, my generation didn't shaft you. Capitalists did. Under-40 capitalists are still doing what over-40 ones did.

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