Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Things shared on Nov 27ths

I was a long-haired kid in the South who got hassled regularly, so I'm thankful pictures like this are ancient history. Yes, I know the same sort of people have found new ways to demand conformity, but there's some satisfaction in knowing the definition of conformity is broader than it was.

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Something I wrote a year ago that I failed to do (because I've yet to find a better term), but still agree with:

I won't refer to left-identitarianism anymore because that validates the notion that its believers are leftists. They call themselves leftists, but they're mostly neoliberals, with some anarchists and fuzzy minded people who don't grasp that socialism is universalist.


I’ve noticed something nice: the class-first left is growing faster, thanks to Sanders and now Ocasio-Cortez. Other people are finding ways to say what I’ve been trying to say since 2005, and that gives me hope. If I become less political online—or more—that’s why.


The real meaning of MAGA is Make Another Gilded Age.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1 illustrated the divide in modern feminism: Buffy was a Sanders feminist; Cordelia was a Clinton feminist.


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