Saturday, November 30, 2019

Things shared on Nov 30s

Monarchists are anarchists with servants.


When rich people of color have classist reactions to white workers who may be racist, I want to sympathize with the PoC, but that’s hard when their reaction says their complaint is they are not receiving all the privilege they feel their wealth entitles them to.


An inconsistency of the identity left: Calling for sympathy for people with mental illness, then insisting people who behave aberrantly in racist or sexist ways should not be considered mentally ill but instead are examples of structural racism or sexism.


The #1 way to recognize bias from people who discuss how many people were killed under Castro:

Do they think Cubans who died trying to come to the US to make a better life are political victims, but Mexicans who died trying to do the same thing were just poor people who should've stayed where they came from?


We may never know the exact number of people who died under Castro, but there is one thing we do know: the last official execution in Cuba was in 2003. The US is still executing people.

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