Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Things shared on Jan. 15ths: on religious wars and violent protesters

What are called religious wars are not about religion. They're simply wars between people who have different religions.

Most wars can be called religious wars if religion is the only lens you use to understand the war.

In many revolutions, a rich minority has one religion and a poor majority has another, but religion is not the reason for the war.

Referring to the rich by their religion is often a way to avoid calling them the rich.

By definition, the rich are a minority, so poor groups and rich ones are included under the umbrella of "religious minority".

So when you hear of a religious war, look for the economic war that lies under it.


Dear violent protesters, we don't praise Martin Luther King's tactics because they're nice. We praise them because they're effective.


The Golden Rule applies to protesting: don't do to the other side what you would not have them do to you.