Monday, February 10, 2020

Things shared on Feb 10ths: manned space flight should not be a priority, more

Dear people who think manned space travel must be a priority,

I am sorry I said anything. I know the dream of human space travel is important to many of us because I share it. I hope as much as you do that humans are able to survive in space for long periods of time and therefore we can reach the stars someday.

But I realize I'm a heretic for having other priorities now.

The discussion has taught me more about secular religions. As with spiritual religions, believers have one of two basic attitudes: they think those who are not against them are with them, or they think those who are not with them are against them. This was best illustrated by the people who compared favoring robotic space travel to being anti-progress or anti-tech. How anything I said could be seen that way, I cannot see, but I know how Calvinists saw those who were predestined to be damned, so I'm not greatly surprised.

And honest, when I keep saying I want the Star Trek future, that includes a way to travel through the universe.

Insert a joke here about what Kirk boldly does on strange new worlds.


If you can’t understand why some people support fascism or imperialism and you support silencing your opponents, look in your soul.


If you were rich and had an expensive car you didn't want, would you...

a. Give it to someone who needed a car.

b. Send it to Mars.


Why do people who defend shooting an expensive car into space talk about PR budgets? It's not like Musk sent his car to Mars and is now asking for donations.


  1. According to Automotive Age there are now more than 200 million SUVs on the planet. Who, besides a car dealer, thinks that is a good thing? Is there any way we can start shooting those awful machines into space?