Sunday, February 16, 2020

Things shared on Feb 16ths: blame Facebook instead of the Russians, more

This country has never had a Jewish President. People who call Sanders "an old white man" to argue he shouldn't run are playing with antisemitism.


If neoliberals are correct that Russia swung the election, shouldn’t their ire be directed at the US tool which they claim Russia used, Facebook?


Social media is designed to manipulate us. That’s the business model: Rich people pay FB and Twitter to influence us.

So when we fight online, are we doing what we’re prompted to? Are we pitted against each other to keep us from uniting against the class that funds social media?


The rich create the illusion of choice with duopolies: IOS and Android in tablets, Republicans and Democrats in US politics.

There are differences in duopolies, but the duopolies do not threaten the system. Any “loyal opposition” is loyal first and opposition second.

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