Monday, February 17, 2020

Things shared on Feb 17ths: on hoax hate crimes, muslims vs islamists, more

1. People who commit hoax hate crimes are mentally ill—they want attention. Have some pity for them.

2. “Believe the victim” is a bad approach because it presumes guilt. Better to treat accusers and the accused humanely while we seek the truth.

3. If you want to blame someone when hoax hate crimes are made, blame the people who believe the accused is guilty. A century ago, they would have joined lynch mobs.


Dear anyone following me who can't tell the difference between a Muslim and an Islamist,

Please educate yourself. If you're up for reading a book, I recommend Reza Aslan's _No God But God_. But you could just do a little googling.

However, I won't know whether you've educated yourself because I have unfollowed you.

And if you leave a bigoted comment on one of my posts, I will unfriend you.




Under capitalism, there is only one way to save the world: Let a billionaire own it. Until that happens, every industry fights for its own survival and none fight for the planet's.

Or we could try democratic socialism.


There are so many articles that say people are happier when they quit social media that I don’t know which to share, so google if you wish. I nearly shared a study that found using more platforms can mean greater depression.


After favorably quoting some things said by Jarod Lanier:

I am skipping most of Jaron Lanier’s chapter on politics because it’s painfully naive. He’s an identitarian neoliberal who damns Gamergate and Berniebros. That women like ShoeOnHead can be pro-gamergate and pro-Sanders would explode his brain.


Dear internet, actually, sometimes ignoring something does make it go away. Yes, this is a lesson I also need to learn. Love, Will

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