Thursday, February 6, 2020

Things shared on Feb 6ths: saying "honestly" makes us doubt you, and more

Whenever I see "honestly" used as an intensifier, I wonder, "Why would they think I thought they were lying? Are they?"


I wish Facebook had these three emojis:

1. I respectfully disagree.

2. Please do more research before you discuss this again.

3. Are you willing to share the powerful drugs you are on?


Yachts are a measure of how well the rich are doing at our expense. The first great surge in yacht building was during the Great Depression. We are in the second.


Prince John’s courtiers have to be quick to dismiss those who praise Robin Hood.


Tax tip: When you're listing dependents, don't forget your boss who takes a piece of the money made by your work.


I always feel like a failure when I fail to convince someone about something important. Then I remember no one before me managed to convince them either.


From 2016:

Clinton supporter arguments:

#1: Better a woman whose policies will harm working-class women than a man whose policies will help them.

#2: Better a woman who can effectively collaborate with corporatists than a man who would oppose them.

#3: Better a woman who will work to keep things the same than a man who will work to make them better.

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