Saturday, February 8, 2020

Things shared on Feb 8ths: people who say Jim Crow has not ended, Bezos blackmail, more

‪People who say Jim Crow has not ended‬

‪1. Do not want to talk about class.‬

‪2. Minimize the horrors of Jim Crow.‬

‪3. Disrespect the memory of the civil rights leaders who ended Jim Crow.‬


I respect Bezos for standing up to a blackmailer. I still want to nationalize Amazon.

Some leftists are saying we shouldn't give Bezos any credit because he can "afford to fight". But fighting blackmailers isn't about being rich. It's about being willing to take the social consequences in order to expose a blackmailer. Wealth makes it easier to cave than fight.


A reminder of why #BLM should be #PoorLivesMatter

The racial statistics of police killings and poverty are identical. Twice as many white people than black are in poverty, twice as many whites than black are killed by the police, and almost everyone killed by the police is poor.


In Canada, Manfred Mann is now Personfred Personn.

I wish everyone in Personchester England would stop whining about progress.


Ever since LBJ announced the War on Poverty, capitalists have said, "We can do X and end poverty." They did X. #PrioritiesMatter


I'm disappointed in the sf fans who don't grasp the difference in cost between manned and robotic space exploration, or that the scientific gains are equivalent. But I understand that sf fans react to the idea of not going into space like Christians react to the idea of not going to heaven.


Capitalists love to compare workers with other workers by contrasting well-paid workers like professional athletes with poorly paid ones like teachers. Socialists compare workers with their bosses.

Pat Bowlen, major owner of the Denver Broncos, has a net worth of $1 billion.

Jerry Richardson, owner of the Carolina Pathers, has a net worth of $1.1 billion.

Now let's talk about how the US's ruling class values public school teachers.

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