Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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There's a strain in conservatism that socialists can appeal to. It requires a socialism that promotes liberty while helping the have-nots—a socialism that Marx and Engels loved, but Stalin and Mao did not. It's why Sanders did better in conservative Utah than Clinton did.


The difference between a personal and a private business:

With a personal business, you do some or all of the work: you clean the stairs, cook the food, handle sales, etc.

With a private business, your bank account grows while others work.


Good people read charitably. Bad people read maliciously--and they're the loudest part of the internet.


‪If I kill someone, it’ll be because I’ve argued with one liberal too many—I can no longer tolerate snobs who are proudly against abstractions like racism and sexism but won’t support programs to end poverty like Basic Income. The person I kill will probably be myself.‬


I need to learn the lesson Socrates never learned: Don't trouble people who are dreaming they're awake.


Superheroes are inherently juvenile. The more "adult" you try to make a superhero story, the more juvenile it becomes. You may say Jessica Jones proves I'm wrong, but Jessica Jones works because she knows running around in a costume with a codename is juvenile.

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