Sunday, May 31, 2020

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‪Under capitalism, workers have two jobs. The first is to earn their pay. The second is to earn their bosses’ profit. The faster they do the first and the more they do the second, the more their bosses love them.‬


I hate talking about morality and politics because

1. They cannot be neatly separated.

2. Including morality usually turns the focus away from politics.

3. My morality is centered on liberty, so my politics let my allies disagree on morality so long as we agree on politics.


The media knows outrage sells. Don't buy.


Stories with magic that has well-defined rules are science fiction. In fantasy, life's greatest mysteries are unknowable.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

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In war, religion is often the excuse but never the reason.


If you worry you're a bad or worthless person, you probably aren't. The worst people are certain they're good.


"Progressive" has followed an old path: it meant the radical left, then it meant the cool kids, then it meant the fashionable kids, now it means Democrat and maybe nothing at all.


Re Hachette and Amazon fighting over business terms: the butcher and the meat market are fighting, and they both say they're doing it for the cows.


Is there a name for people who hear things they don't like and contact the speakers' bosses to try to get them fired? In kindergarten, we called them tattletales.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Sometimes when I read intolerant posts, I check the user bio, then nod when I see the writer is single.


There's no way to guarantee you'll find someone compatible, but there are many ways to guarantee you won't.


This explains why tiny gatherings of racist idiots should be ignored:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." —misattributed to Gandhi

So long as you fight them, they think they're one step from winning.


Orwell identifies the reason some people prefer the idea of a Job Guarantee to Basic Income:

“I believe that this instinct to perpetuate useless work is, at bottom, simply fear of the mob… It is safer to keep them too busy to think.” —George Orwell


Those who can't answer, censor.


Historically, "feminist and socialist" is redundant, and "feminist and capitalist" is a contradiction in terms.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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A prequel is a sequel that's set before the story that inspired it.

The best prequels tell us our assumptions about the original story's history are wrong. The worst assure us we already knew all we needed to.

At some level, the audience knows prequels are stories that didn't matter enough to be told first. We prefer sequels because they might matter as much or more.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

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How can people be outraged by terrorists bombing children and shrug off nations bombing children?


Human (n): a creature that can get upset about anything

Saturday, May 23, 2020

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I just saw a robin on the fence. As I was thinking how beautiful it was, it shat. Nature mocks my romantic impulses.


Some people see similarities first; some see differences. I hope I'm in the first group.


It may be easier for libertarian socialists and capitalists to get along than it is for authoritarians—right and left libertarians want to free people in fairly similar ways while right and left authoritarians want to restrict people in very different ways.


Yesterday, at Harbor Freight, I mistook a white guy for a clerk. Noted for everyone who thinks this only happens to people of color. (I've been mistaken for a clerk, but now that I dress like a bum, it doesn't happen anymore.)

Also: The idea that being mistaken for a clerk is insulting is about as classist as you can get.


Speaking as a straight man, I think homophobes are repressed homosexuals because they're much more interested in gay sexuality than I am.


Dear NFL, the only gesture that's more respectful than kneeling is prostrating yourself on the ground.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

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The apology police criticize apologies because they do not want apologies. They want groveling.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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Humans have two attitudes toward history: some like rewriting it, some prefer the rewritten version they were taught.


When cheering the symbolism of removing statues, remember the Taliban bombing Buddhas and the US staging the toppling of Saddam's statue.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

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People I half-agree with are less annoying than people I 95% agree with.


The rich have no incentive to make a better system for us—it works well for them.


The neoliberal take on the family is that both parents should be working to pay for nannies and cleaning services. They call that being pro-family and pro-feminist, perhaps because many of the nannies and maids are women who have families.


People who like the Electoral College like it because it reduces the role of popularity in democracy.


‪No one who voted for Clinton in the 2016 primaries is qualified to talk about electability.‬


Why sheepdog theory is wrong: people aren't sheep.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Some say the Communist Manifesto calls for the abolition of the family, but it doesn't. It calls for the abolition of the bourgeois family as part of the abolition "of prostitution both public and private". Its meaning is simple: no one should have to serve another to survive.


Has a boycott on a US state ever done more than ensure people who would share a better message won't perform there? A state boycott is like sanctions: it means you're willing to hurt everyone for what the powerful did.


The difference between nationalism and patriotism:

Nationalism: "My country, right or wrong."—Stephen Decatur

Patriotism: "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right." —Carl Schurz


People who believe in meritocracy should approve of basic income. It puts us one step closer to having jobs pay what they're worth rather than what desperate people will accept.

Friday, May 15, 2020

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I wish the Libertarian Party hadn't appropriated "libertarian" for the right. Their use of the word obscures the authoritarian effect of wealth.


Note to self: Two things to do every day.

1. Dance or bike or take a long walk. You'll just get depressed if you don't.

2. Avoid discussing politics with Clinton fans. You'll just get depressed if you don't.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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Finishing writing a story is nice, but it's not nearly as satisfying as knocking down an old porch.


The hard part about being old and having studied something for decades is 98% of the people trying to educate you will know less than you do. I am very grateful for the remaining 2%.


It would take too long to list all of the more interesting things Game of Thrones could've done, but if they wanted to pit Jon vs Daenerys at the end, it would've been more interesting to turn Jon into a fascist than Daenerys into a madwoman.


When people say "human nature", they mean "my nature as I believe it to be".

Monday, May 11, 2020

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If you don't understand why "social justice warrior" is an insult, you don't understand irony. Social justice workers oppose war.


It is impossible to believe in the goodness of humanity and read the comments.


From 2015:

Dear socialists, do you support Bernie Sanders or someone even less likely to get any attention from the media?

Also, what evidence is there for the sheepdog theory that supporting Sanders is only a way to sucker socialists into the Democrats' camp? It doesn't work in my case: I plan to support Sanders for as long as he's running, and then I'll support a socialist or another promising third-party candidate, or maybe I won't vote, though I continue to think that so long as there's anyone on the ballot who you like at all, you should vote for them, no matter how hopeless you think their odds are, because while it's very true that the US's two parties are controlled by billionaires, only our votes for third parties say we want more choices than two.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

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The shortest definition of neoliberalism: trickle-down economics.


I wouldn't mind the self-flagellating left if they didn't insist on flagellating the leftists who focus on the right.


Politics are as divisive as religions because politics are religions. Noting that they're secular religions is just quibbling.


Why rich people shouldn't argue that the US's poor are better off than most of the world:

Because if that's your standard of good enough, there's no reason not to take from the rich until they live like the US's poor.

But I'll add that socialists want to raise the standard of living everywhere, so the rich should never be afraid that we will make them live as poorly as they make most people live now.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

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When it’s obvious something has failed to do what was promised, remember that it may have done what was intended. When warhawks promise peace and provide chaos, chaos was almost certainly the goal.


I always thought the fact US prison populations are not racially proportionate to poverty was a lingering effect of racism, but Cedric Johnson points out that overpolicing the urban poor explains that:

”Blacks are disproportionately represented among those who are arrested, convicted, incarcerated, and under court supervision because blacks are still disproportionately represented among the nation’s poor. Hence, if poor neighborhoods and communities are overpoliced, then it is no wonder as Moody notes that “blacks are almost six times and Latinos three times more likely to be sentenced to ‘hard time’ in prison than whites.””


Some names for the vapid answers that comfort secular and religious cultists:

Foma (from Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle)
Thought-terminating cliches
Sound-bite ethics
Bacon's "Idols of the Marketplace"


The worst defense of the authoritarian left's attempts to censor people is that they usually fail, so they must not be engaged in censorship. This is like saying that if murderers fail, they must not have been trying to kill.


Note to self: Stay offline in the morning. You have never gotten an urgent email in the morning.

Friday, May 8, 2020

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If you don't like an ad on Facebook, it takes three clicks to get rid of it. That's two too many, even if you love capitalism.


Some Zionists say the KGB created anti-zionism. They did not. Zionists created anti-zionism with the bombing of the King David Hotel, the massacre of Deir Yassin, and the ethnic cleansing of the Nakba.‬


For rich people, there are no bad choices, there are only choices. They rarely feel the consequences of their decisions. They never have to skip a meal due to a choice, or even skip dining out, and when climate change hits hard, they'll be in mansions on high ground.


Whenever you worry or feel smug about the things your online experience tells you, check the polls. Reality is rarely what you think it is, and everyone online is living in an echo chamber.

If your explanation for anything is "people are stupid", you do not deserve the pass you are giving yourself.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

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Updating an old observation: Identitarianism is the socialism of fools.


I thought tribalism and racism were opposites because people can change tribes but not races. Now I think racism is the tribalism of fools.


If you wouldn't reveal the end of a mystery, don't reveal the end of any story. All stories are mysteries when first experienced. #spoilers

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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If you say art should not offend, you are saying art should be innocuous.


Frustrated romantics should be socialists: socialism takes economics out of decisions about who to date, love, or marry.

Which is why people who want to buy sex and love cannot support socialism.

ETA: This comment is only about people who want to be able to use money to influence other people's decisions. It's not about prostitution; as someone else has noted, that's about renting rather than buying sex or love.


‪We could end desperation by sharing the wealth. Does this mean the rich don’t care about ending desperation? Or do they want most of us to be desperate?‬


“Problematic” means, “I’m afraid I’ll be criticized if I don’t say there’s a problem with this thing, but I don’t know what it is.” If you say pineapples are problematic, pretentious people won’t question you for fear of revealing they also don’t know the problem with pineapples.


The most annoying thing cultists say: If you're not for our solution, you're for the problem.


Ostracism does not educate anyone. The ignorant learn by seeing the world has more choices than they knew.


Capitalists use many words to describe for-profit journalism to avoid the simplest one: capitalist journalism.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

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The CIA and the NED were much better at overthrowing democratically elected governments in the 20th century.


I could support any candidate who promised to give the ability to attack other countries back to Congress.


If wearing a cheongsam is appropriation, it is not appropriation from the Chinese working class—it's appropriation from China's ruling class.


If giving people money kept people from working, people who were born rich would not work. #basicincome


If you say we can change our gender but not our race, you are saying gender is a social construct but race is not.


Americans are slightly more willing to vote for a woman (92%) than a Jew (91%). Sanders faced more prejudice than Clinton did. #identity

Saturday, May 2, 2020

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I was just called a shegetz, which amused me, and more importantly, helped me see something that's obvious when written out: the first trait of racists is the use of insults that were created for the people they consider "other".

The second trait, of course, is the use of coded language to allude to their insults. So I was pleased that this person avoided code and went straight for shegetz.


Every two or three days, there's a "free" flyer or paper left at our house. I pick it up and recycle it, and capitalism has taken another minute or two from my life.


When naming yourself, remember that the qualities you claim will become suspect: liars claim they're honest, the mad claim they're sane, fools claim they're wise.


For people who support depriving prisoners of the right to vote:‬

‪If you say any right can be taken away based on a judge’s decision, rights become meaningless.‬

‪Taking away a prisoner’s vote does not make prisoners better or society safer.‬


Just vacuumed after much too long. Let me know if you need fur to make three cats.


Social justice warrior: someone who would put makers of kimonos out of work in order to keep people who aren't Japanese from wearing kimonos.


Manuel Zelayas of Honduras should send a sympathy note to Hillary Clinton. He knows how it feels to lose an office after foreign meddling.

Friday, May 1, 2020

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‪Can we have a 24-hour moratorium on “fascist” so most of the people who use it can look up what it means?‬


As the wealth gap grows, identitarianism in its left and right forms grows.


When people object to being mistaken for clerks, you know what they think of clerks. (I've been a clerk and been mistaken for one.)


If you can't make your point politely, you haven't thought about it enough.