Saturday, May 2, 2020

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I was just called a shegetz, which amused me, and more importantly, helped me see something that's obvious when written out: the first trait of racists is the use of insults that were created for the people they consider "other".

The second trait, of course, is the use of coded language to allude to their insults. So I was pleased that this person avoided code and went straight for shegetz.


Every two or three days, there's a "free" flyer or paper left at our house. I pick it up and recycle it, and capitalism has taken another minute or two from my life.


When naming yourself, remember that the qualities you claim will become suspect: liars claim they're honest, the mad claim they're sane, fools claim they're wise.


For people who support depriving prisoners of the right to vote:‬

‪If you say any right can be taken away based on a judge’s decision, rights become meaningless.‬

‪Taking away a prisoner’s vote does not make prisoners better or society safer.‬


Just vacuumed after much too long. Let me know if you need fur to make three cats.


Social justice warrior: someone who would put makers of kimonos out of work in order to keep people who aren't Japanese from wearing kimonos.


Manuel Zelayas of Honduras should send a sympathy note to Hillary Clinton. He knows how it feels to lose an office after foreign meddling.

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