Thursday, June 4, 2020

The very white, very Antifa origin of the Minneapolis riots (Expanded June 4)

Because I support the protesters and have been a critic of black bloc tactics ever since I saw them used two decades ago at a protest against the Iraq sanctions (which gave the police an excuse to move in and end the protest early), I have written this explanation for why I believe fans of antifa's black bloc tactics began the riots.

While the black organizers were calling for peaceful protests, the police were holding back and letting people protest. This shows the heavily white black bloc fans ignoring the black organizers and breaking into the parking lot to smashing cars.

This shows more destruction and the police response. Note the white man at 0:30 who is dressed in classic antifa gear.

This is the white Umbrella Man who broke windows at Autozone, which was then looted and burned. The use of umbrellas is rare in Minneapolis, but common in west coast protests.

These are white kids who were stopped by other white kids.

And here's a look at who was trashing the police station before it burned.


  1. Antif and BLM are both funded through George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

    Given that Antifa riots and looting started simultaneously in dozens of cities across the country, it seems reasonable to assume that the leadership of BLM (not most of the rank and file0 are coordinating with Antifa.

    Antifa gets the rioting and looting started, and the opportunistic looters (including some blacks) join in.

    1. I'm doubtful. BLM is very neoliberal; Antifa is very anarchist. BLM supporters hate the way Antifa makes black people look like vandals.

      As for Soros, he may be funding those groups for the reasons they claim to exist. Is there any evidence that they're re-directing funds for black bloc tactics?